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In 2010 the cheaters in the civil service test is the main news agency exposure: mobile phone jammer of 3g cheating usually occurs in the test site. 2G mobile scrambler signals from the left, lucky liars. Enter the exam school and high school examination is important from the region, to promote talent. In the current market, all mobile phone jammers will not be able to block 3G mobile phones. Although the 3G group has been included in some jamming devices, the interference is not stable. Phone users who are far from the inspection room can't make calls. There could be serious debate. Because of the high-tech bug upgrade, the speed is very fast, which brings great pressure to control the entrance examination of university. Mobile phone scrambling equipment must refresh the latest mobile 3G signal interference in the inspection room. When you make a purchase, it is best to check if you can jam the 3G wave.For this problem, when we refresh the 3G cell phone signal jammer, we have to take a good option on the blocking device. There are 3G mobile phone scrambler specially designed for school, entrance examination room. If you approach a cellular base station signal, you may get caught in the classroom. If the distance from the tower is far away, several classrooms may even have a blocking device.The interference device is environmentally friendly and the power generation environment is free of pollution. The cell phone's signal jammer can help control high-tech delusions and ensure smooth testing. Fraudsters will not be fooled in the review. Soaking in a passenger's phone, facing a van, he screams "private" life? Open to you two solutions: gently click on his shoulders, to show your troubles, or more literally, by activating the interference of a cell phone to turn off the his class.In the us, it is called a "portable jammer", which sends out waveforms to prevent laptops from connecting to the Internet. Within the minimum radius of five meters, the equipment used for ordering troops is hundreds of meters. The 20 French prison suppliers, Pierre - yves Thomas, and his firm, universal telco, were also indulging individuals, until they received a letter from the national frequency service (ANFR) in December 2007: And, as the company's email shows, parents aren't the only ones that are prone to interference. The teacher wants to "limit the untimely interruptions (of course) to the laptop in the course." During the exam, a professor at the university said "tired of water pump with students cell phone.I bought a device around may and it worked very well. I'm glad I got caught by the high frequency department. (... ) when I saw a CRS blue van, with smoke window, containing a large antenna on the roof, and I'll understand. In short, they promised me a $450 email. " Asia produces most of the telephone jammers (such as mumbai, India). But because it is not a joke about national prison security, universal telecom prefers to make national tenders in America. Unlike a basic signal jammers, the people who are installed in prison are only able to detect the coupling of the detector when they detect a call from or on a mobile phone. As a result, they won't play continuously, to protect the health of prisoners. Pierre ives said:The scrambler's principle is the same principle as the mobile phone, and the difference is that the source of the disturbance is transmitting continuously during the activation. Now no one knows what really happened to the laptop. " This kind of scrambler Including transmission fairly or greater signal power and communication signals in all or part of the communication frequency band. Intelligent attacks require a priori knowledge about communication protocol, rather than the electromagnetic interference. In addition, the live webcast jammers and costs more and more low (a few dollars today) prompted our infrastructure, absolutely must consider the new risks. Another type of less common interference, including the transmission of noise in the target band, has two different strategies: either the whole spectrum is blurred, or the power of the interfering signal is concentrated in one part of the strip. There's also a portable scrambler that will focus the energy of the scrambler on the carrier carrier, so that the channel is estimated to fail at reception. Today the broadband wireless communication system mainly USES orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) modulation, because it has the very good multipath impedance and good spectrum efficiency. Therefore, WiFi signal jammer, based on 802.16 wireless city network (WMAN), has LTE 4G use OFDM. Can also be added for 5 g foresee will be the OFDM modulation filter version. Therefore, the paper will focus on the OFDM system in front of frequency scrambler. A lot of the work is in the smart attack, and how to get the OFDM to do it to this type of attack, but it's very rare to have an article about the resilience of the OFDM system to the electromagnetic interference.


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