Comunitatea studentilor ARHITECTI, URBANISTI si DESIGNERI din Romania.



With a green laser pointer effect, also can switch to different stars on the head, every head is equipped with the five-star head design, can shine different design, new style, design, etc. , the bird's nest, the space and time tunnel, square, single point design rendering, five star less greening, enhancement pattern diversification, entertaining.To the classroom teaching ─ ─ teachers/instructors, it is like an extension of the pointer is infinite, teacher right absolutely, you are nothing, refers to the simple planning board in any corner of the classroom I can't do it! In shizuoka suruga bay in an experiment, we used the ocean deep-sea unmanned spacecraft "Kaiko" of the organization. I tried to "Kaiko" aircraft and about 820 meters long, about 700 meters water depth of the "vehicle" to communicate between parts. As a result, we managed to transmit 20 megabits per second (20 Mbps) of data at a distance of about 120 meters. This is about 1000 times, the sound waves can be transmitted film transmission speed. Although further sending side receiving computer also succeeded in remote desktop connection to remote operation, green laser pointer, this means that the communication of high stability. Of course, communication encryption is also possible. Reporter "lit firecrackers," by the light emitted by a laser designator, also can be in the product launch to "kill the balloon game", you can see a lot of sellers is easy to ignite the tobacco. To prove it, the kitlaser store has a 200mW laser pointer to light useful experiments video matches. Reporter found that after the Yangtze evening news, this kind of light, high power green laser pointer cigarette is said to be true. When the light of a laser pointer passes through the surface of the human skin, it creates a burning sensation. Obviously, the laser pointer as a "toy" is inappropriate, it need not have any damage. Business people/conference spokesman - display product demonstrations and meetings, let your speech be the ability to communicate between customers, more easily.The green, bright green laser is carried. Structure, so it is very good, creative design, effect of 5 kinds of view of green star 5 in 1 day, you can increase the romantic atmosphere.The laser pointer itself is only for demonstration and other office supplies. However, while increasing the production of products, the use of its events can also occur. The Japanese recognized this opportunity as a "professional baseball laser incident" in August 1997.At that time, Mr. Lijiyi, who was enrolled in lego, was hit by a laser pointer from the back of the net. Palm-sized office supplies are easy to stop the progress of the baseball game, by the way, should the perpetrators have not found behind the network. We are modern people living in the "keyword search" world. So if you search for a "laser pointer," that means only negative information, and only illegal product sales sites are at the forefront. However, in fact, it has also developed a practical laser designator that meets the Japanese standard. Until August, for example, a product called "fashion radio host" was on display at the cloud funding website Makuake. This is a usb laser pointer charging type that can operate a briefing. The product reached its target level on the first day of Makuake's appearance. It is now commercialized to complete the funding phase. Look at the page of Makuake's stylish wireless host, there is a saying. "Portable laser products are regulated by the product safety law for consumers. Selling laser pointer in Japan, therefore, the physical fitness test in PSC mark clear certified, economy, trade and industry of the conformance test lab after a fairly strict test, it took us more than six months of time to understand this, but we have confidence in the product, because we passed the strict examination (from Makuake fashion radio host reference)". This seems to be a word that implies that our product is very different from an illegal laser pointer. "how do you feel? In fact, the PSC trademark also follows the illegal laser pointer dealer's counterfeit behavior. That's why we really get the attention we need through rigorous vetting. This is the manufacturer's "medal". And our consumers need to look at the product. While some may recall that last October, Fly was also hit by a laser pointer blue powerful burning against Greece. Just before the end of Switzerland during the first half of PK, it fly, it is trying to play, how can you hear the fly is also noticed that the referee suspended laser exposures, said to continue. Switzerland made a breakthrough, safely determined PK. Although interference laser pen game not only happened in Greece, and in many countries, FIFA almost did not take any measures.


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